Pheasants Forever Chapter #872

Why do so many folks volunteer their time to make Pheasant Country such a success?

The early founders knew that South Dakota had a unique resource that deserves protection. While other organizations such as the Game Fish and Parks, Pheasants Unlimited and Federal and State conservation programs offer great incentive programs, there is still much more that can be done. Pheasant Country's goal is to work directly with the landowner and pheasant hunter to establish habitat for more hunting enjoyment.

As the program grew and became successful, more help was needed to run the organization. In response, local businessmen, landowners and other pheasant enthusiasts joined efforts to volunteer their time and money to Pheasant Country. They do this because of their love for pheasants, hunting and for the economic benefits visitors bring to South Dakota.

Should I support Pheasant Country even though I don't hunt pheasants?

Yes, increasing Pheasant Habitat improves the living conditions for other types of Wildlife such as deer, coyotes, fox, hawks, owls, eagles and raccoons. While all of these animals fall prey to vehicle traffic, weather and hunting, the number of wildlife is mostly dependent on the amount and quality of habitat. Therefore your monetary support will improve habitat, which will increase the wildlife population.

May I make a donation to Pheasant Country?

Your donations are welcome. Please indicate where you would like to have your donation directed. Some choices include: Annual Food Plot, Shelter belts or the Youth Program. We will recognize all Memorial donations on our web site and at our annual banquet. Please send to:

PF #872
26044 N. 7th St.
Emery, SD 57332

Why should I choose Mitchell South Dakota area for Pheasant hunting?

The area around Mitchell offers some of the best pheasant hunting in the United States and the local residents will welcome you with their hospitality.

How do I set up a Pheasant Hunting trip to South Dakota?

A good place to start is to visit SD Game Fish & Parks. You may also try our link page for more helpful web sites.