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control burn 2014
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August 5, 2014

Dear Chapter Members,

This spring was no doubt an abnormal one. Even though we had great conditions for nesting pheasants, it was difficult to get great habitat management practices implemented on the ground. In the Mitchell area our Volunteer Prescribed Burn team burned over 400 acres for private land owners. The main reason for the prescribed burning is to set back Bromegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass. In this area we have a problem with those two early season invaders. Burning is also one of the best ways to promote the growth of warm season grasses, which are great for winter cover.

Our chapters newest project is to promote the use of flushing bars. Flushing bars are attached to the front of tractors while producers are haying their fields and help with flushing Pheasants, Deer, and all sorts of other birds off their nests before the haying equipment gets to them. We had one producer take this project and run with it, he used it on nearly 800 acres of hay ground. He has no doubt about the effectiveness, and says it “definitely saved birds in my area” For any information on flushing bars please contact Mike Blaalid – PF Wildlife Farm Bill Biologist.

Mike Blaalid, PF Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist
1820 N Kimball, Mitchell SD  57301
Call 605-996-1564 ext 3

control burn 2014

Food Plots

Chad Popp, Fulton area: Photos of some of my 10 acres of food plots (corn and milo) still standing on 4/2/2014 in the middle of CRP and 10 acres of trees.

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Habitat Education Night for Landowners

In February, all of the Landowner members and participants are invited to our annual Landowner Appreciation Banquet in Mitchell. This is an opportunity for Landowner members to get together to compare how their wildlife programs performed during the previous year and to share new ideas.

After the meal a short program is conducted to reflect on the previous year's PF accomplishments and to communicate any changes or new wildlife habitat programs available to landowners. The date for the annual wildlife seed giveaway is announced. Each year speakers from the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks, the US Conservation Office and Pheasants Forever staff attend the Banquet. The Banquet is also our way to saying thank you to the many Landowners who give of their time, effort and money towards insuring that we have great pheasant hunting year after year.

2015 Landowner Banquet